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Drink Menu:
Purple rain 1,000 Gil
Screwdriver 1,000 Gil
Chamomile Tea 1,500 Gil
Apple Pie Moon Shine 2,000 Gil
Triple Cream Coffee 3,000 Gil
Shaved Icicles 4,000 Gil
Caribou Lou 4,000 Gil
Ice Melter 5,000 Gil
The Tipsy Bartender 5,000 Gil
Food Menu:
Earl Raiser (sand witch) 2000 Gil
Raw Oyster 2,000 Gil
Chopstick Grouper 4,000 Gil
Shepherds Pie 6,000 Gil
King Pasta 8,000 Gil
Farmers Breakfast 9,000 Gil
King Fry 10,000 Gil
Apple Tarts 1,500 Gil
Heavenly Pearl 4,000 Gil
Caramels 5,000 Gil
Very Berry Cheesecake 8,000 Gil


At the Lavender Springs Café and Spa we have a trained masseuse to help you relieve your stiff muscles from a long adventure, dungeon crawls, or just a well-deserved bit of self-love. Our masseuse charges the prices for the services listed below:Spa Services:
Feet or Hand Message (lotion/oils included) 10,000 Gil
Facial- 15,000 Gil
Neck and Shoulder 20,000 Gil (lotions/oils + 5,000 Gil)
Sponge Bath 40,000 Gil
Hot Stone 45,000 Gil
Full Back Massage- 50,000 Gil
Full Body Massage- 100,000 Gil
Full Body Massage and Hot Stone Treatment 150,000 Gil
Other services are fully up to the staff for prices and availability of services can be performed.

Shia Mujuuk

Shia Mujuuk

Shiva Icedawn

Shia Mujuuk